Treasury - Change Consulting & Transformation

Changes and innovations in the treasury marketplace such as shifts in the economic environment, new regulations and technology advancements suggest there has never been a better time to examine the treasury function. Businesses are now looking to reduce treasury costs while maintaining transactional visibility and utilising technology advancements.

The role of Group or Regional Treasury function, at its simplest, is to ensure that working capital and liquidity are efficiently deployed across the group whilst mitigating exposures to currency or interest rate changes.  In truth, in these demanding times, the role of the modern Treasurer is a far more challenging responsibility with accountabilities extending beyond just Capital and Liquidity Management  into the domains of business continuity and the realisation of strategic objectives.

In the execution of these duties today’s Treasurer and Treasury functions need to be supported by top-quartile systems and processes that deliver quality, granular information at the point in time in which it is demanded.  In these volatile markets inadequate systems, inefficient processes or inferior data can delay the ability to reach informed decisions or, fatally, provide inaccurate information leading to sub-optimal decision making.

Convergence offers effective solutions to transform your treasury functions. Our professional team of global consultants will enable you to achieve exceptional results, revolutionising your practises.

Why Convergence?

At Convergence our consultants are expertly knowledgably, not only in the processes and systems that support todays’ Treasury function, but also in the business drivers and strategies that are the heart of Treasury Management.  With many years of experience across multiple business segments and industries, as both practitioner and consultant, our  consultants are superiorly skilled to support your Treasury Functions in achieving its objectives. Whether the challenge is the integration of multiple platforms to improve data throughput, designing enhancements to your liquidity management processes, or even guidance as to the implementation of an exposure hedging strategy or accounting policy, our consultants are fully equipped to support you through the transition.

As an international Management Consulting firm to the financial services industry Convergence is best placed to deliver treasury transformation. We draw from our vast business knowledge and apply our results driven methodology.  We tailor our approach to each client however we always maintain our core business values.

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