Finance Change Consulting & Transformation

Convergence recognises that an effective finance function is vital to business stability and growth. We believe that the finance function should play an integral role in the wider organisation. That’s why we provide tailored financial consulting business services and practical support to develop and transform the finance function. As part of our service we examine and implement strategies that consider organisations in their entirety. This creates a more efficient function that is integrated and productive.

In order to succeed in today's marketplace businesses would benefit from a business partner who has delivered sustainable change within Finance and has a diverse team of quality consultants able to understand and articulate issues as well as opportunities. In the fast-paced regulatory environment Convergence guides company CFOs so that the best possible outcome for a company is met.

That is just the start; the CFO's focus remains around reducing finance costs; providing and sustaining world class support services to the business; doing so at the lowest possible cost and underpinning everything with an effective control environment. This is where Convergence excels.

Convergence has delivered small and large-scale Finance Transformation Programmes.  We specialise in advanced solutions that answer and close those opportunities, challenges and issues that keep the CFO awake at night.

How do we achieve this?  Our consulting teams are close to a bank’s C-level agenda for Finance Change initiatives.  We take nothing for granted from pre-mobilisation to post-implementation and ‘warranty’ support phases.  This includes ensuring vision, strategy and objectives alignment.  As close as we remain to project and programme delivery, so we stay close to the CFO and his or her long-term success agenda.

We understand the CFO agenda; we understand the requirements, stresses and opportunities of a transforming Finance function.  Convergence understands outstanding delivery.

Why Convergence?

As an International Management Consulting firm to the financial services industry, Convergence is best placed to review the entire business structure and ascertain how the finance function sits within the organisation. We apply our expertise in order to drive it forward so that it is performing at its peak. We tailor our approach to each client however we always maintain our core business values.

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