The Integrated Finance, Risk and Treasury Solution

Introducing our Integrated Finance, Risk and Treasury Solution

The Convergence offering is distinct; distinct in how we deploy and manage our people to work with you.  Distinct in how we apply our tools, techniques, approaches and methods and distinct in delivering an exceptional end result.

Our main differentiating service is our Integrated Finance, Risk and Treasury Solution (IFRTS).  The IFRTS offering is unique, world-class and a culmination of over 10 years of proven delivery with the top consultants, analysts and senior executives involved along the way.

Banks may suffer silo-based issues and frustration, but problems and threats come in groups.  Groups leak value and groups offer compounded control issues and risks to a bank’s bottom-line and reputation.  This is why IFRTS has been developed and delivered – as an integrated solution.  Delivering an integrated solution is the only practical way to deliver on large scale transformation programmes. The last 10 years has shown a steep incline in appetite for this type of sustainable change. Over the last ten years Convergence has delivered the IFRTS to top financial institutions across the world.

What is it?

An Integrated Finance, Risk and Treasury Solution is one which meets the varying and evolving needs of the Finance, Risk and Treasury functions within a financial institution through a holistically designed common architecture across the firm’s technology, people, processes and data.

The IFRTS is the outcome of delivering a business and IT transformation that is strongly anchored by:

  • A fit for purpose, defined target state system architecture
  • Appropriately sequenced, cross functional design decisions
  • An integrated Baseline Configuration of the end-state architecture – this is the foundation block from which the target state for technology, people, process and data is built

IFRTS is also enabled by a number of inputs or and artefacts that drive the integrated solution through its phases.  These include:

  • Change Readiness assessments
  • People ability-to-execute critique and score
  • Technology ability-to-execute critique and score
  • Functional review
  • Design decisions
  • Architecture design
  • Implementation and sequencing views
  • Programme management

Sustainable and lasting intelligence – tools for success

Ultimately, Convergence is a world-class and top-tier management consulting firm and advisory services provider. But the solutions and end-products we deliver are long-lasting.  Our IFRTS offering is multi-dimensional in terms of how we work with you to provide and implement the solution and what we ‘hand-over’ as finished tools, techniques an insights.  You can expect the following outcomes for IFRTS:

  • Capture and articulation of your business objectives 
  • Prioritisation of criteria for success and programme delivery
  • Capabilities – we scope and prioritise requirements for world-class capabilities
  • Current state vs. target state assessment
  • Alignment to strategic objectives – we establish on-track / off-track status and impact of how aligned or deviant you are to your strategies
  • Future state solution – we present a conceptual architecture
  • Project estimates – we address costs via ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) against your developing roadmap
  • Capability Assessments – we provide a critical analysis of how effective your (i) Technology and (ii) Business team is.  These capability or ability assessments help you understand how close or far you are to actually delivering on projects