Collaborative Workspace

At Convergence we believe there is only one way to partner with our clients and to get the very best from each other in our own teams – to work as one team, one unit and in collaboration with any and all parties who can strengthen our capabilities to deliver. This approach ensures an integrated, strategic approach and delivers results.

The Collaborative Workspace portal is a next generation tool that aims to provide a one stop shop experience for the Finance, Risk and Treasury communities, introducing a shift from a formal static workplace to a flexible global and dynamic workplace.

The portal will provide employees with self-service, knowledge management, work flow management and reporting whilst leveraging social and collaboration features.

Examples of functionality (often ‘live’ as Programme further progress and evolve) within Collaborative Workspace include:

  • Group Finance toolset (strategic Oracle stack)
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • Personalisation
  • Single Sign On (portal access and new Oracle stack)
  • Workflow / process management
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Collaboration tools

Benefits at a glance

  • A composite one-stop-shop with unified user experience that spans across different applications, teams, locations
  • A standardised work environment with integrated business applications and workflow management will guide and manage users’ through daily processes and improve efficiencies.Improves decision making
  • Introducing standardisation across Treasury, Risk and Finance for process mapping, system access and best practices in a time of massive transformation and off-shoring.
  • Puts efficiency and speed of data to market into the workplace
  • Enables collaboration and knowledge transfer
  • Providing a robust platform upon which to perform the MI and Analytic tasks will improve performance and lessen the need for manual intervention and manipulation.
  • Drives innovation
  • Increases control, transparency and accountability

This diagram shows conceptually how the Portal supersedes typical previous generation workplace structures, thereby simplifying, advancing and making the workplace more accessible. Underlying the portal are the different tools and applications (eg workflow management tool, legacy applications or new Strategic tools) that a user requires for their day-to-day job.

These tools and applications will be integrated into the Firm’s infrastructure and provide a personalised user experience with potential Single Sign On capabilities if required: No further authentication is required to access any of the applications.

From the front-end of the portal, users can receive a branded portal specific to their division/area, which will also be accessible from multiple channels. These views will include dashboards, applications and collaboration tools relevant to the user’s role.