How We Do It

Utilising the expert knowledge of our extensive network of global consultants, Convergence takes a strategic, tailored approach to each project. We apply our core offering; the Integrated finance, Risk and Treasury Solution, to each client. Furthermore Convergence has unique and bespoke enabling capabilities that feed into and support this core proposition and service offering. Our consulting services have been successfully implemented with top financial institutions the world over.

At the core of our delivery expertise is the Transformation Office, our Programme and Leadership approach that has delivered on some of the most complex of projects.

The Convergence Strategy

The Convergence strategy and vision is simple; to maintain and grow our reputation as an elite professional services consultancy which delivers transformative results to global financial services institutions. How do we do this? Read on;

  • Delivering change management and business transformation through our core Banking and Capital Markets capabilities and propositions
  • Offering our clients a transformative, global, professional service that is more cost effective than our larger competitors
  • We focus on Finance, Risk, Operations and Technology functions because they are our zones of strength and expertise
  • Working as one team while maintaining and promoting singular ownership, accountability and responsibility for our clients
  • Always striving to surpass our clients expectations rather than simply meeting them
  • Our people remain focused on their core strengths and expertise so our clients benefit from experts in their fields
  • Encouraging our people to remain faithful to our “One Team; One Triplanet” mantra