A day in the life at Convergence

A day at head office

Each day at Convergence is as exciting and rewarding as it is challenging. Any member of our team will enthusiastically agree this is never more true than when working with our clients, on a programme or project or in delivery for our network of clients.

Typically an early start is met with a team catch-up; this is when we plan for the day and week ahead. Many of our projects are very much client-facing and interactive so you can expect to be in many individual and group encounters with our clients but also balance that off against writing up reports and advising our partners on ‘what’s next’ and how we approach the next opportunity or complex issue. Take a look at how your day may unfold:


Team meeting – task and activities confirmed for the day and week.

Refresh or discuss plans with work-stream leads or equivalent project managers and stakeholders on the client-side

Attend key meetings, working groups or working sessions


Time to catch-up with colleagues over lunch; attend ‘lunching working sessions’; take time out to network and catch-up with new names and faces.


Time aside to write up reports or build templates for given work-stream or project

Support your colleagues or senior managers in their own sessions or meetings – sharing the load and working clients together is key at Convergence

More planning and work around your own / own team’s deliverables – this could be anything from conceptual design to template building or work artefact preparation before a review with the client or a Convergence senior manager

Catch-up with team or direct reports to discuss and review any deliverables due to the team or client.

Wind down with planning for the next day’s activities


Dinner and / or drinks is a very popular way to unwind and discuss the wins and challenges of the day

Convergence team members know how best to relax even when planning the next day’s activities and we know how to get the best out of the sights and sounds of London or NYC!

Home for a well-deserved rest ready for the next day

At our offices in London or New York

Clients and programme and project delivery play a huge part in the life of a Convergence consultant and employee. But this is only part of the story. The heart-beat and engine room of our firm is at our Headquarters or Head Office (Mayfair for London and Wall St. for NYC). All of the logistics, planning, administration, non-client-side business building and capabilities development happens off-site. We believe that a balanced mix of internal work and client facing activities bring the best out in consultants. Our priority is to keep our people sharp, honed and continuously developing.

A team member who is working at HQ typically will have a fixed target or task that they are working towards. There are any number of strategic initiatives that we invite staff to empower themselves over. Here are just a few:

Analyst / Consultant:

You could be supporting one of the Senior Executives with proposition development or proposal building

You could be scoping and shaping our personnel development register or training and town-hall session with a direct report or Manager

Manager / Senior Manager:

You could be developing or building an offering pack or services paper for our networks in the Middle East and North Africa

You could be building our competency tracking tools or business pipeline development techniques with your / a Director

Director / Senior Executive

You could be directly pitching or developing a business case to win work with any of our clients who currently stretch from USA to Australasia

You could be developing our engagement letter or statement of work operating model to accommodate the work we won in that last proposal you directly influenced.

We can’t always promise an easy day at Convergence and we certainly cannot (nor would we want to) promise a dull one. We can promise you a challenge and we can guarantee rewards for this. Being a part of our team in Financial Services working in our core Integrated Finance, Risk and Treasury Solution or under one of our other propositions is as exciting a prospect as is available in the market today.