About Convergence

Convergence is an international management consulting firm that provides global clients with advisory and consultative solutions. Convergence specialises in advising clients within the financial services industry. We work with our clients’ vision and objectives, adapting our world-class advisory and consulting practises to each one.

We are financial services experts

Convergence core offering and service is Integrated Finance, Risk and Treasury solutions. Convergence has unique and bespoke enabling capabilities that feed into and support the core proposition and service offering. Our consulting services have been successfully implemented with top financial institutions the world over.

Additionally Convergence specialises in a number of secondary service offerings and client solutions, these include: Business transformation, process improvement, solution design and build and value management.

Convergence has 200 staff across Europe, America and Africa. We also employ specialist consultants on a project by project basis ensuring that our clients always benefit from tailored solutions and strategic agility.

The Financial Services industry

The Financial Services industry remains one of the most exciting, unpredictable and challenging areas of business today.  Business news is now everybody’s news and transpirations in the markets, around corporations and within institutions remains on display to the world and, given recent times, is under continued scrutiny from shareholders, stakeholder and the public alike.

This doesn’t stop the Financial Services firms asking for help, support and assistance from external firms, advisory houses or consulting companies.  But it does require that selected management consulting firms are of the highest pedigree and quality, have a proven track record of success and can provide teams that understand client issues and support them through to sustainable and change.

This is where Convergence can help. We've supported numerous top-tier banks and global investment houses in achieving their goals and realising their visions, strategies and objectives around change.  This is where Convergence has flourished in recent years – growth has been extraordinary in the field of integrating Finance, Risk and Treasury functions via sustainable and technology-lead solutions.

Financial Services is a global industry with global challenges and opportunities; Convergence has worked with many clients based all over and around the world, successfully delivering against different economic, cultural, functional and logistical back-drops.  This means Convergence has had to carefully manage and develop its flexible suite of services – a business transformation programme in Australasia has a different profile and requirements specification that a Wall St. bank. Our uniquely tailored approach is based on years of global experience and our continued growth is proof of our transformative results.

Companies we’re working with:

  • Moody's
  • Credit Suisse
  • JP Morgan
  • Barclays Capital